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The CORBLEND represents the latest technology for inte- grated beverage processing technology. APG's proven expertise in high speed filling machinery offers the best alternative in combination with our line of bottle & can fillers or as an upgrade to outdated beverage preparation systems. The current design is a result of exhaustive feed- back from our customers as well as deep experience with production systems. Relax and let the CORBLEND machine enhance your operation to provide fast change-overs, better yield and robust performance.

  • State-of-the-Art membranetechnology– oxygen removal to less than 0.5 ppm.

  • Real-time compensation of start-up and shut-down process streams.

  • High efficiency injector – energy savings, enhanced temperature control and reduced condensation.


To accomplish the necessary first step of beverage preparation, ADCOR employs State of the Art membrane technology to provide oxygen removal to less than 0.5 ppm. With over 1,000 units in operation our membrane supplier has become the proven choice in the industry. The standard execution includes a liquid ring vacuum pump and sweep gas manifold suitable for either CO2 or Nitrogen. Our systems function equally well when nitrogen counter-pressure is utilized on the filling machine. Stand-alone whole plant central deaeration systems are also our specialty.


Leveraging the ability of mass flow metering to measure fundamental quantities of syrup and water provides on-line brix accuracy previously unattainable. Fixed ratio blending required for diet beverages is also enhanced via digital processing of the MICRO MOTION meter’s measurement. The CORBLEND’s unique capability to provide real- time compensation of start-up and shut-down process streams guarantees first to last in-spec containers at the discharge of your filler. Most importantly, re-work tanks, dump operations, and high BOD charges are a thing of the past. We get the correct product where it belongs – in your package every single time!


CO2 is combined with the beverage stream via meter based ratio control in the same manner as liquid blending. The CORBLEND high efficiency injector utilizes the venturi principle to achieve rapid, repeatable, and accurate carbonation. The beverage stability is sufficient to carbonate warm beverage prior to transfer to the beverage chiller. The advantages include energy savings, enhanced temperature control and reduced condensation.

Automatic Changeover System

The CORBLEND machine is engineered to provide flavor changeovers in 6 minutes of total filler down-time, including the minimum of 2 bowl rinse flood and drain cycles. Optional configurations can reduce this to 3 minutes. Today’s beverage operations require highly flexible production platforms. The CORBLEND manages all aspects of the empty container system including the depalletizer pallet infeed. Changeovers may be selected according to even pallet, syrup priority or container priority. The system utilizes a graphical user interface to allow simple trouble free operator interaction. Unlike many blackbox systems the CORBLEND displays all statuses in an organized and clear manner.

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